23 Nov Save $ on Kid’s Clothes

5 Great Ways to Save on Kid’s Clothes

When it comes to back to school, things can get hectic. But it’s okay, we’ve got you covered with our five great budget ideas for school clothes!

1.) Take inventory. It is always a good idea to take note of what your child has and what he or she needs before you go shopping.

2.) Swap the old for the new. There are a lot of stores and online stores out there that offer to buy old clothes for credit to buy newer clothes. Check out www.tradeupclothing.com for the best deals and the best quality.

3.) Thrift Stores. Thrift stores are always a good place to start when you are trying to save money. Most thrift stores will have “dot days”; days when all clothes with red dots are a dollar, for example.

4.) Make sure you stick to a budget. Sometimes it is hard to stick to a budget, but it is important if you want to be money conscious for the school season. The easiest way to stick to a budget is to make a list of what your child needs.

5.) Make your own clothes. If you are sew savvy, then buying some patterns and sewing some clothes might be a piece of cake for you and might also save you more money in the long run.

Good luck on your shopping and happy budgeting!


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