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Send in your child's outgrown or un-used clothing, shoes and accessories.

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We add TradeUp money to your account! 100% even exchange of items!

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*Simply send in outgrown or unused items, get TradeUp Money in return, and shop without spending any additional money!

Three Simple Steps!

Pack up any gently used or unused clothing, shoes and accessories.

Mail all items to:

TradeUp Clothing, LLC
2373 Central Park Blvd, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80238

Please Include a slip of paper with the following Information:

1) Full Name

2) Address

3) Email

4) Phone number

5) How many of each items you are submitting (Example: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, 10 onesies, etc.)

Our Quality Control Specialists will inspect all items to ensure they meet our strict quality guidelines and apply TradeUp Dollars Directly to your account to be used right away for shopping!

Money will only be Credited for items meeting our Strict Quality Guidelines and could take up to 48 hours after we receive your shipment to post to your account

Start Shopping for FREE with the TradeUp Dollars added to your account!

Save TIME and MONEY!

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How TradeUp Reward Dollars are Earned and Used


Each Item of Clothing, Shoes and Accessory has a specific TradeUp Reward Dollar Value.

This value is predetermined and is ALWAYS the same for each item and for every customer.

YOU, the customer, will receive the EXACT SAME reward dollar as it would cost to purchase the same item in our store.

Why is this important? You can now exchange your child's ENTIRE wardrobe for larger sizes, as often as you want or need and you NEVER pay more for clothes.

This is why TradeUpClothing.com is THE ONLY store of it's kind!

We offer a 100% EQUAL exchange of items 100% of the time!

Please review our 'Item Reward Values' Page for more information.

focus on quality

TradeUpClothing.com has very Strict Quality Guidelines to ensure the best product possible for our customers.

Our staff meticulously inspect all items received to ensure they meet ourĀ  Strict Quality Guidelines.

Why is this Important? It is our goal to provide our customer with the highest quality items possible for their family. Therefore, it is important that the items coming in are held to the same standards as the items going to your home and on your little one.

For every item we receive that meets our quality standard guidelines, your account will AUTOMATICALLY be rewarded your TradeUp Reward Dollars.

You don't have to wait for the item to be sold, you don't have to go through the hassle of posting them yourself, WE HANDLE EVERYTHING!

Please review our 'Quality Guidelines' Page for more information.

replace it

Completely Replace ENTIRE wardrobes for every child in your home 3-4 times a year without spending ANY additional money on clothing, shoes or accessories!

Since every item on TradeUpClothing.com is assigned the same reward value coming in AND going out, you have OPTIONS to choose how to spend your Reward Dollars!

Why is this Important? You can choose to send us 1 shirt, 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes. You then can shop our large selection and constant rotation of new items for 1 shirt, 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes in a LARGER size.


You can choose to save up your reward dollars for what you might need in the future!

You are 100% in control and you NEVER have to spend additional money on clothing, shoes or accessories again!