21 Dec Holiday Traditions You May Not Have Thought Of!

Making New Holiday Traditions

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition that you love? I know we do! If you have some great holiday traditions, great! But if not, that’s okay! Below are a few traditions you can start by yourself or with friends and/or family.

  1. Make your own Christmas cards. I know sending out Christmas cards are huge with some families, but what about actually making your cards?  Just go over to your local craft store and have fun picking out some great paper and card stock and embellishments.
  2. Make your own Christmas ornament. Start the tradition of making a new Christmas ornament every year.  Grab some clear glass bulbs and make some for you and your friends! You can paint them, write on them or fill them with embellishments.
  3. Christmas light outing. Grab some friends and family and some hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. You can stay warm in the car and venture out to other neighborhoods.
  4. Donate a toy or money. This time of year there are tons of charities reaching out, asking for toys for children, or money. Why not make it is a holiday tradition to give back to society during a very giving time of year?
  5. Send Christmas cards or car packages overseas to our military. There are military personnel overseas that are not able to spend the holidays with their families and friends.  Brighten their spirits by sending a Christmas card or a care package.
  6. Make Christmas cookies as a family. Making Christmas cookies together is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Pull out your favorite recipes and start baking!
  7. Watch Christmas movies. Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, whether it is cheesy or not, watch your favorite movie.  There is always that one movie you have to watch every Christmas, right? Pop some popcorn and settle in.
  8. Advent calendar. Even though the Advent Calendar is a religious tradition, it is still nice to do. Get four candles; three green and one red, and light one green candle every Sunday leading up to Christmas, then on the fourth week, light the one red candle. This helps you remember the season and countdown to Christmas.
  9. Christmas photos. A lot of people take family Christmas photos and send them out in their Christmas cards. Make it a tradition to take a Christmas photo every year, then you will always have them to look back on.
  10. Decorating. There are a lot of different ways to decorate for the holidays. You can put of Christmas lights, indoors or outdoors, decorate a Christmas tree, decorate the whole house.  Decorate to whatever is your fancy!

We hope you enjoyed this list of new holiday traditions.  Hopefully you will be able to start some new traditions this year.  It is never too late to have a great tradition to look forward to every year. Happy Holidays from us to you and your loved ones!

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