07 Dec FUN DIY Crafts…Make Your Own Nature Box

DIY: Nature Box

We felt inspired to get creative with this project and we hope you do too!  We decided to make a nature box.  We love the outdoors and wanted to bring that into the home.  Nature is all around, but we like to have nature in our home for those snowy days when we can't go outside much.  Below is our finished nature box along with instructions on how to make your own!


How to make your own nature box:

  1. Choose a box or case of some kind to display your nature findings.  For ours, we used a display case we had in storage.
  2. Choose what you would like to put in your nature box.  It can be anything; dried flowers, plants, leaves, acorns, ect.  Get creative!  In our box, we added potpourri and some other findings so every time we open it, a lovely scent fills the air.
  3. Place out of the ordinary objects in your box along with your nature findings for added interest.  In ours, we used a piece of clam shell, a few glass marbles and wrapped a few twigs in twine.
  4. Lay down some burlap on the bottom of your box and then sporadically place your findings and objects in your box. If you don't like the burlap idea, you can use brown paper or decorative paper instead.
  5. Now you have a beautiful nature box on display!

The great thing about this project is you can continue to add findings and objects in your box over time. This is also a great project for kids.  Hopefully this inspires you to make your own nature box.  This would be great for the holidays too. You can always add leaves from fall or even decorative items like Christmas ornaments with pine cones, tinsel, ect. Have fun!

How did your box turn out? Was it pretty easy to make?


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