24 Nov Cheap Vacation Websites

Finding websites with cheap flights can be hard; especially if you are not sure which one to choose. Every website is vying for your attention. There are a lot of websites that we all know about, but what about the ones in cyber space that you haven’t found yet? We have compiled a list of five no-so-well-known “getaway” websites below, in no particular order.
Airfare Watch Dog.com
Air Fare Watch Dog is a great place to fine flights and hotels on sale. They search and analyze the most inexpensive flights and hotels for you. They also send you alerts for great deals for the places you would like to go. They even have an “Airlines” tab so you can choose your airline to compare with other airlines. Not sure where to go? No problem! They also have a Travel Blog where it can help you decide where to go for an inexpensive vacation.

Cheap Air is pretty user friendly. On their homepage you will find the top destinations for any vacation. Click on a destination and it will take you to a travel calendar where you can search for flights. Also, on the home page, at the very top of the page, you will see the average price for a regular ticket to any destination. It is set up almost like the stock market; letting you know if regular flights have gone up or down in price since the previous day. For the cheapest option on flights, you can choose the “Flexible Dates” option and the search engine will find the cheapest flights to your destination for any day, if you don’t mind flexible vacation time.
The website also gives you an option to find hotels and cars, if needed.

Not only does Hipmunk have a cute little pilot chipmunk as their logo, but they also have great deals on flights, cars, hotels and vacation packages. Under their “packages” tab, you can find a flight and a hotel all wrapped into one price, per person. The way Hipmunk works is they go through another popular travel site, Expedia, to help them book their deals. You can choose your packages by ratings, discount, price or reviews. Pretty handy when you already know what type of hotel you would like to stay in. Similar to Cheap Air, Hipmunk also has a destination portion of their website under “deals” where you can fly to a destination of their choosing, for cheap.

Google Flights
Google Flights is another great website for finding inexpensive flights. As always, Google is also user friendly. While searching flights, you have an option to look at a flight map and save flights you find for great prices. On the flight map portion of their page, you can look at a map of the whole world, hover over the city of your choice and it will tell you the average price for a flight to that destination. Anything Google is sure to be an efficient choice.

Invisible Hand.com
Invisible Hand is a little more tricky to use. It seems as though they are a fairly new website, so they are still setting things up. However, the website will help you find flights, cars, hotels and special offers. By clicking of a specific airline, it takes you straight to that airline’s page, so you can check out deals. It also offers discreet messages letting you know which website is the cheapest for the above products or airlines.
So, there you have it! Five of the most unknown websites for cheap getaways! Having a great time is priceless, but if you can have an inexpensive getaway, then why not? Enjoy!

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