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You have enough to do raising a family! Everyone likes to save time and money. With we handle everything for you. Simply send us your outgrown or un-used clothing, shoes and accessories and WE do everything!

Budget like a PRO

No more wasting money on children's clothing month after month, year after year. With, you spend hundreds of dollars less per year and now you can even know exactly how much to expect to spend on clothing for the entire year! Budget like a pro!

Constant Rotation has a constant rotation and large selection of newly posted items! With items posted everyday, you can always find something new!

Win-Win Concept is the FIRST AND ONLY store of it's kind that offers a 100% EQUAL exchange of items. The scales are never tilted in our direction. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, not the bottom line. Everything that happens here is Win-Win!

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Save Time and Money, we handle EVERYTHING

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

TradeUp Clothing is the solution to the never-ending high cost of children's clothing as your children continue to grow from birth up, and well into adolescence. "Finally, parents have the option of exchanging their baby's gently used clothing instead of buying more."

We don’t have to tell you, if you are a parent you know that you typically spend hundreds and/or sometimes thousands of dollars on children's clothing for each child in just their first 5 years. Everyone knows that children grow out of their clothes faster than they can wear them more than a couple of times.

Currently the only two options for parents relating to the disposal of their child's gently used articles of clothing consist of 1) either donating perfectly good clothes their child outgrows and re-purchasing an entirely new wardrobe every 3-4 months, or 2) they can sell their baby's clothes for 1/3 of the original purchase price just to turn around and spend twice that amount on items in that exact same store.

TradeUp Clothing doesn't see this a fair trade and is the solution to all of this!