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How to Choose a New Color for Your Home

Call me crazy, but when I studied interior design in college, I took three color theory classes, because I love color SO much!  When everyone else hated color mixing in class, I was hunched over a paint palette excited to recreate colors.  Choosing a color for your home should be exciting too!  It might be a hated thing, fearing that picking out a color will be a laborious process, but paint companies have worked really hard to make it easier for you.  Choosing a color should be fun and pain free.  Below, are a few tips on how to make the paint process easier.

  1. Before you start, find inspiration online, in books or in magazines.
  1. Choose a color that matches your style and your home.
  1. Get a sample.  DON'T paint an entire room or wall until you have painted a sample of color.
  1. Paint a small patch of the color you choose on the wall and keep it there for a few days.  Notice how it looks throughout the day and at night in different lighting.  Let the color grow on you.  If you don't like it, then primer over it and start over.
  1. Have fun and experiment with different colors, textures, finishes and designs.
  1. Gain inspiration from patterns in your home
  1. Choose a color that matches or compliments your decorative accents
  1. Pick a color that you are most drawn to.

I hope these steps will help you pick a new color for your home. Remember, there is always inspiration everywhere! If you follow these easy steps, then picking a new color for your home won’t be that scary or laborious. Start small and go from there!

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