04 Jan 5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home!

How to Cozy Up Your Home In Five Easy Steps

Winter is the time when we all want to cozy up. When we say, "cozy up", we mean decorate your home so it is inviting and you can enjoy the warmth inside your home.  There is nothing better than curling up on your sofa or overstuffed chair and enjoying a movie or good book with a hot mug of tea, cider or coco.  Below, we mention some decorative items you can use in your home to cozy it up!

  1. Candles. You can buy candles just about anywhere.  The most popular candles right now are the flameless candles. They may not have a scent, but they are definitely a lot safer.  But, if scented candles are your thing, then have at it! Just do not leave it burning for too long, or while you are gone or in bed.
  2. A Fireplace. Not all homes have a fireplace, so if your home doesn’t, you can always buy and electric fireplace from a home store. The warmth and aesthetic is definitely there with an electric fireplace.
  3. Area Rugs.  Area rugs are nice to have to keep the warmth in a room. Especially if you have hardwood floors or tile. Area rugs are great to use in the living room, dining room or a bedroom.
  4. Blankets. We love blankets in the winter time! Having blankets draped over a chair or sofa, really invites you or your guests to warm up and cozy up in your home. When buying a throw blanket, think soft!
  5. Throw pillows. Throw pillows can be used in any room with chairs or a bed. They really add character and warmth to a room.  They are also an easy way to introduce a pattern or color into a room.

We hope these five tips will help you cozy your home for the winter.  These are really easy things to find and buy for your home.  Just think what you would like to have in your home for the winter to make your home more inviting. Most of the above things are pretty inexpensive. Have fun cozying up your home!

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