14 Dec Four Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Inexpensive, Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking to add value to your home because you are thinking about selling or because you want to add updates to your home?  Don't know where to start?  Don't freak out!  We've got you covered!  Adding value to a home can increase its selling potential, now or in the future.  A home is an investment and it is wise to increase your investment as much as you can.  Below, is a list of inexpensive, easy ways to update your home.


1. Paint. The easiest and most inexpensive way to renew the interior of your home is to paint your walls.  Neutral colors (off white, cream, very light browns, tan and beige colors) are best if you plan on selling your home soon.  The space of your home is easier imagined by a potential buyer because neutral colors go with just about any type of furniture and interior fixtures.  Don't know what colors to choose?  You can hire a color specialist or interior designer/decorator to help you decide on colors.  If you don't like to paint or you aren't sure how to begin, it is always better to hire a professional painter.  A professional paint job is always better than a sloppy paint job.


2. Open Up Your Space.  Let's face it, clutter happens; it's just part of life sometimes.  But, it doesn't have to be part of your daily routine.  Before a walk-through of potential buyers, make sure you de-clutter your home.  There is nothing more unappealing than clutter piles.  If you don't plan on selling anytime soon, de-clutter your home anyway.  It will do wonders for your living environment and even your mood!  You can get organized by selling or donating the things you don't want or need.  File away paperwork that is cluttering your desk or table and shred paperwork you don't need anymore.  Everything should have a place in your home and if you don't have space for it, then reevaluate if you want it in your home.  Otherwise, a storage space might be an option for you.  Once the clutter is out of the way, you can focus on making your living space more open and inviting.  Also keep in mind that light in your space has a lot to do with the "feel" of your home.


3. Update Fixtures.  Don't like your outdated fixtures in your bathroom and/or kitchen area?  Time to plan a trip to your local hardware store!  Re-doing the sink fixtures or cabinet fixtures in your home can give your living space an updated look without spending tons of money.  Make sure the fixtures match the rest of your home.


4. Curb Appeal.  You have probably heard that the way a home looks on the outside will determine how a person will feel about your home on the inside.  It's true!  First impressions really are everything to a potential buyer.  You can do anything from adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior or landscaping in your front yard to help the curb appeal of your home.  Also, fix any necessary repairs on the outside of your home.


There you have it; four easy, inexpensive ways to improve your home.  Adding value to your home will go a long way, whether you want it to look nice for you or for future buyers.  Doing the things above will protect your investment.  For more inspiration, you can always take a walk around your local hardware store, watch home improvement shows or surf the web. We hope this inspires you to get busy!


How did your home turn out?

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